Pretty windy today so we went looking for peacock bass. Water levels were low & it was pretty weedy. We lost a few nice fish to the weeds. 1 fly was used size 2 chart/yellow Clouser.


Last night was good Snooking. Got a few swinging a size 2 white marabou/schlappen fly.


We had a decent night on Snook. Tried swinging with white schlappen/Maribou size 2 Moons & missed a Snook. Did good on stripping fly


Water release is at 2200 cfs so where off the water & May cut trip early


We got into a few Steelhead this morning on yellow eggs. Had to get off river early due to leaky waders.


This about sums up today. 0-6


Despite the sunny & cold temps we had a very good day. Water still high ( 1500 ) Yellow eggs n size 12 pinkish nymphs were what took fish.

Egg eater.


Fishing was very slow today. Water still high & going to be like this @ least through tomorrow. We hit a few fish today on a yellow egg & size 12 black stone.


Despite the high water we had a very good day. All fish taken on pink eggs.


We had a very good bite this morning. They raised the water last night so eggs worked very well in either yellow or pink. Also size 12 black stones took a few fish.