Sight fishing was a little tuff due to the rain but we did well. All fish taken on size4 chartreuse Clouser.

We went & hit another pond for Tarpon in the pouring rain& found some rollers but not takers


Good morning Snook nite. Size 2 all white baitfish patterns were the fly of choice.

Found quite a few rolling Tarpon but couldn’t get any to eat.

This fish was taken on a 3 weight


Beach’s had good schools of minnows & pilchards.
Only got into Spanish Mackerel on white/chartreuse clousers.


Lights were a little on the slow side this morning. Lost a good Snook to the piling as we couldn’t stop her. Winds were calm so as sun came up we took the bay boat out for her maiden voyage to the deep blue. Got into a bunch of small Albies on all white clousers using the new Scott Sector.


The plan today was fresh water for Snook & Tarpon. Wind was horrible so we went inland for Peacock Bass. They were on the feed. A long with a bunch of small Large Mouth Bass. We used 1 fly all day size 2 white/chartreuse Clouser.

Great news all around! The boat ramps have opened back up, the lighted docks are fishing well, and albies are showing up already offshore.


They shut the beach’s, boat ramps & marinas here in Palm Beach. We may be able to do some fresh water fishing. Guess a lot of flys will be tied.


Beach conditions are good but they are closed. So hit a local golf course pond. Size 2 tan/brown Clouser with gold flash took this Snook.


Swinging this morning was pretty good. Lost a nice fish as it took us into piling. Size 2 white Schminnow. Went up river looking for Tarpon. Last cast we hook up & get 3 jumps before hook pulled.


Beach’s here are closed so hit a FW pond. Found a Snook to eat a 3” all white bait fish