Been pretty windy here so we headed South in search of Electric Ditch Pickles. We did ok didn’t see as many as usual. It’s been very warm but who knows why. Flys we used were 2 A chartreuse Clousers & a white synthetic bunny


Fished Kristen of Nautilus Reels & his friend Allen. What a blast was had in 2 hours of fishing they hammered the Common, Tarpon & Fat Snook. Only used 1-fly white scotch size 4


Bob from Colorado came for his 1st salt water fly fishing trip a long with His brother in law Ed from Florida & they had a blast. Common, Fat & Tarpon Snook. A few Ladies & Moonies thrown in. All on the micro minnow.


Thad from VA had an awesome morning on Snook. When light came up we went looking for Tarpon. We found them & got 1 to eat but couldn’t stay buttoned up


Last night I had Christen & his Dad Erik from WA & it was a slow start. Some lights were barren of fish& lights that had fish weren’t moving. Moved down river & found a light that had a bunch of Tarpon & Erik got a decent Snook. We got into all common Snook & some Jacks.


Christen from Washington State came to try & catch his 1st Snook & Tarpon. He got a Tarpon to eat & put it the air only to have it spit the fly. On his next cast he landed his 1st Tarpon. He lost a couple of nice Snook. He landed a bunch of common & fat Snook. All white micro minnows were what we were throwing.


Peter from CT came out tonight for his 1st dock light trip. He got his 1st Jack & Snook. Lost his 1st Tarpon. 1 size 4 Schminnow was used.


Guide Taylor from Montana came out again & we had to deal with a lot of wind. He’s a good caster so he got it done. Took a little bit of time before we found Fat, Common & Tarpon Snook to feed.


Last night up river was not like night before. We got a few Snook & large Look Downs & missed a Tarpon on the take. We headed down river & got a few small Snook & got crushed by nice sized Jacks. Up river we used the micro minnow & below size 4 white Schminnow


Last night Guide Tyler from Montana wanted to try a knock Snook & Tarpon off his bucket list. Plenty of Fat , Common & Tarpon Snook. We had a bunch of shots at Tarpon just couldn’t feed any.