Matt & Matt from CO had an awesome day with Albies & some Rainbow Runners.


What an awesome morning. Got a bunch of Snook under the lights. Sun up hit a flat & had 4 bites putting a Tarpon in the air. Then found some Snook, Snappers & a decent Jack to play with.


Matt from CO hot hist 1st Snook then a Fat Snook. Headed up river & he Trout set on a big girl got some small Jacks.


Chris from VA had an awesome morning hoing 3-3 on Tarpon.After he released the 3rd Tarpon he said lets go get an Albie. We went out front & found them busting in 70’ of water. He got his Albie. Don’t know many places where you can catch Snook Tarpon & Albies in the same day


Started early this morning on the Snook. At sunrise we headed up river looking for Tarpon. Saw a bunch but no eaters.headed offshore & got a few Bar Jacks a Flying fish & a bunch of Albies . on way in we stopped to get a Jack. Hooked a beast an broke off on a piling.


Today was almost as good as yesterday. Breaking Albies for the start & then picked st them just at the drop. size 2 Clouser is what we used,


This morning we had Albies busting the surface in 180-200’ for hours Something we dont see often enough . Also got into a few nice Rainbow Runners


What a difference a day makes.Didn’t see many Tarpon but Mike from NY got his 1st Tarpon Tom got his PB Jack. We got broken of by 7-big Jacks


Sorry for lack of reports had problems with site. Fishing has been very good This morning we got into Albies Snook & Tarpon we broke off 5 big Jacks. Dont know many to places were that can be done


Fished Lake Ida this morning & had a decent morning on Peacock Bass. The wind was brutal but we got into a few on bright colored Clousers

Sighted fished in a foot of water