What a day we had in the back country of the Loxahatchee River. 1-2 on Tarpon & over a dozen Snook. Common , Fat @ Tarpon Snook

Small white Clousers , tan/ brown Clousers & 2” white baitfish patterns is what we used.

Now to figure out how to get a Gheenoe.


Very windy here this morning so we hit a fresh water pond. Got into the smallest Snook I’ve seen. All white & white/chartreuse size 4 Clousers


Wind was cranking all morning but we put a good catch together. Lots of Jacks ( a few decent ) & Snook. Saw only a few Tarpon. Ended the trip with a small Cuda.


We had a very good day. Started under the lights banged a few Snook & Jacks. Lost a good Snook as she wrapped us in a dock. Went up river for Tarpon saw a few rolling got 1 to eat unfortunately the dreaded Trout set.
Finished the morning off with Jacks on Mullet pattern.


Good morning on Snook & Jacks. Size 2 white Schminnows.


What an awesome night we had last night. Started of with missing/losing the first six fish. Including a Snook that was an over slot fish. Had leader in rod & then she bolted under the boat & broke off. After that fish almost every fish hooked was put in the net. 2 flys were used all night a size 2 white Schminnow.


What a foggy morning we had here. Not very often this happens. Plenty of small Jacks around & even had Anthony get his 1st Snook. ( Love doing that )


Snowy morning above freezing & decent fishing

We got Steelhead on wooly buggers, small black stones ( as they started hatching ) & good old San Juan Worms. River was crowded


Sunny cold & river was crowded. Don’t like Steelheading when it’s sunny out. Fished till 11:00 we hooked 5 landed 1. Sucks when you get that eat & guy across the river says fish on as he casted across your line & brakes you off.


Heavy snow all morning but had a good bite. Mostly on woolly buggers. A few on San Juan worms & orange sucker spawn