What an awesome night we had swinging flies.
We caught Fat, Common, Swordspine, & Tarpon Snook.


We ended out trip to the Salmon River in New York on a good note. Cold & chilly day but we stuck quite a few Steelhead & even got a decent Brown Trout. Wooly Buggers worked early the Eggs & San Juan Worms.


Fishing was very good early & then it was a slow pick. Got fish on orange eggs Black Wooly Buggers & small Black nymphs


Cold cloudy windy morning gave way to some sun & with that the fishing slowed down. Good bite on Wooly Buggers & Egg Clusters. Fish are still bright & full of energy. We have a few more days here & then it’s back to Florida.


We had a very good day today. Weather was chilly with light snow. Fishing was very good using small black nymphs & size 10 Wooly Buggers in purple, black.


Snowy day made for good fishing. Wooly Buggers & small Black nymphs were the flies of choice today.


Cold rain wind & sleet. What does that make for? A great day of Steelheading. Even a Brown Trout & a King Salmon. We took fish on eggs, worms, & all size Stones.


We’ve been up in N. Y. on the Salmon River & it’s been a little slow fishing. Getting into some daily but today it broke open. Most fish were taken on eggs. Hit a few on San Juan Worms & Wooly Buggers.


We had a very good day offshore. It was rough but found plenty of small Albies. Lost 2 big fish ( probably to Sharks ) & got bit off twice.


Still pretty windy here but the rain has stopped. Dock lights were on fire this morning. A few quick blitz’s. All fish taken on size 2 White Schminnow

Dun came up we went looking for Tarpon. Found a bunch of rollers got 1 to eat