Today we were having a great day big Albies Rainbow Runners, put a nice Mahi in the air & then the storm came


Albies are here in good number & getting bigger. Mixed in have been Bar Jacks Rainbow & Blue Runners. Weather hasn’t been great


The past few days fishing has been pretty good. FW & SW. Had a lot of shots at big Jacks today just couldn’t get them to commit. They’d track fly & then they would just go down.


Last night Bob had an incredible trip. White schminnoes & white pseudo shrimp were flys of choice


What a morning. Bob slammed twice with Tarpon, Snook, & Jacks. All on gurglers.


Headed offshore to find out no house battery. So no live well trim tabs or electronics. But we managed to get a bunch of Albies. Nothing massive. All on Clousers


Todd from Mass had an awesome morning. Common & Fat Snook along with a few Jacks on gurgles. Asked him if he wanted to try for Tarpon. He said sure I never caught 1. Well mission accomplished told him to play lotto tonight.


The past 2-weeks I’ve been traveling. Columbia for Yellow Fin Tuna & Mahi then to Louisiana for Bull Red Fish. Both trips were very good


Fishing the lights has been very consistent. Common, Fat , & Tarpon Snook have been chewing on #2 Schminnows. Putting Tarpon in the air most trips


Had an awesome day with Dave & Anna from B.C. for there 1st trip for Peacock Bass. Got a bunch of P’s on small Clousers but put on some bigger flys & got into a bunch of solid fish.