Last night the fish were very finicky. Started out putting a nice Snook & Tarpon in the air just before the sunset. Started out with a size 4 Schminnow & then had to fish a micro minnow. Jon from Michigan had an enjoyable time. Pictures say it well


Santiago from Argentina put a clinic on with the Snook this evening. Unfortunately he lost the Tarpon he put in the air. All fish caught on 1-fly a size 4 white Schminnow


Had a good night with these brothers from Alabama. Couldn’t get the Tarpon to eat. All fish caught on a Micro Minnow


Last night was very slow. Had plenty of Moonies but the Snook were very lethargic.


Had a great morning with Philip from VA. Snook , Jacks , & Moonies. Missed a Tarpon at daybreak up on the Loxahatchee River


Kris from MN came out again for some dock light fishing. The 1st hour was horrible lots of fly charges & different lines & no bites. But then Kris put it to them. Only Snook were taken. Micro minnow & some white Schminnows took all the fish


Last night & this morning trips were awesome

Plenty of Snook & Jacks feeding on shrimp & small Pilchards.


Had an awesome morning with David from VA. Plenty of Snook ( common & Tarpon ) ladies jacks & moonfish. Size 4 white Schminnow


We went way up the river this morning in the Gheenoe. We had a blast on some Snook on all white gurgler.


Had Gamble & Holan from GA out & what blast was had. Gamble got Common & Tarpon Snook & then put a Tarpon in the air. Then he wanted his lovely lady to try fishing. She hooked 3-Snook but unfortunately dropped them.