Freshwater Tarpon on Scott Centric 4-weight. Black gurgler. Lost some others.


Been on the beach the past 3 days & its been horrible. Lost a Snook on monday nothing tuesday but today when the tide changed it was pretty good. All fish were caught on a 3” all white wig hair Clouser .


Got out this morning for 1/2 day trip. 1st cast both anglers hooked up. Bunch of Albies & a peanut Dolphin. wind came up real strong on way in .


This week the lights fished very well despite the wind. All fish caught on size 4 white Schminnows. They were feeding on small Shrimp. This time of year there usually bigger Shrimp & Pilchards .

Hit the beach this morning some weeds didnt see any bait but got 1-small Snook & then wind & rain forced me off


Hit the beach yesterday & this morning. A litlle rough very weedy & didnt see any bait. Yesterday lost a decent Snook & this morning went 1-2. All white jig clouser .


Day 2 with the boys from Colorado was epic. Quite a few Albies on the large size.


Matt & Matt from CO had an awesome day with Albies & some Rainbow Runners.


What an awesome morning. Got a bunch of Snook under the lights. Sun up hit a flat & had 4 bites putting a Tarpon in the air. Then found some Snook, Snappers & a decent Jack to play with.


Matt from CO hot hist 1st Snook then a Fat Snook. Headed up river & he Trout set on a big girl got some small Jacks.


Chris from VA had an awesome morning hoing 3-3 on Tarpon.After he released the 3rd Tarpon he said lets go get an Albie. We went out front & found them busting in 70’ of water. He got his Albie. Don’t know many places where you can catch Snook Tarpon & Albies in the same day