Mullet are in the river. Which makes for tuff fishing. We managed to get a Snook & a few Jacks. But Gary’s goal was to get his 1st Tarpon. Mission accomplished. Unfortunately when leader was grabbed he wore through shock.


Last night we had really good fishing. Nice Jacks & snook feeding on Shrimp & Mullet. Most fish were taking on size 2 & 4 white Schminnows. Unfortunate we lost 2 big girls. 1 took into pilings & the just came unbuttoned


Mullet are in the river & the Tarpon & Snook got the best of us. Lost a Snook at the boat & 1-4 on Tarpon. Oh and a Lady fish. All white Mullet flys


We got a couple Snook this morning on Mullet flys. Decent size Mullet schools with some XL Tarpon busting through them. Had 1 w/in 20’ of the surf line.


Beach was alive this morning. Pilchards Sardines & Mullet. Mullet were away from were we were fishing getting blown up by Tarpon. White/Chartreuse wig & jig took a nice Lady Fish & a Snook. Missed 3 other fish & got broken off. Weed was horrible


Took the Gheenoe out on an incoming tide. Saw a few rolling Tarpon & got a micro Snook on an all white gurgler. Plenty of bait Pilchards & Minnows.


Plenty of Pilchards on the beach this morning but very few predators. Saw some nice Tarpon rolling out of casting range. Did manage 1 small Snook. Size 2 Wig & Jig in white/chartreuse


Lots of micro bait a long the beach this morning

30# shock tippet matched to an 8 weight was no match for the massive Tarpon that ate the white/chartreuse wig & jig.


Got out for a bit this morning. Saw some small schools of Pilchards a kind with a few Spanish Mackerel in tight with some nice size Tarpon rolling out a ways. Got 1 Snook on a size 2 white/chartreuse wig & jig


Still not feeling well but had to get out this evening. All White wig& jig. 1-2 on Lady Fish