Last night the Snook were really chewing on the Tail Water Shrimp & Schminnows


Sorry for the lack of reports. Mullet run is

in full swing in the river. It’s been tuff finding cooperative fish. But getting it done mostly on Loxahatchee River Crusher in all white. Had a few Tarpon encounter on Monday just couldn’t stay buttoned. Did have a 1st today Alligator Gar.


Been awhile since any posts. Fishing has been awesome. Offshore still plenty of Albies. This morning & it was on fire. Plenty of Snook & 1-2 on Tarpon. Once light came up Jacks came in with a vengeance. But also got a Snook & jumped another Tarpon. Most fish were taken on white shrimp patterns


Offshore fishing has been really good. Plenty of False Albacore with Blue & Rainbow Runners mixed in. Size 2 Clousers in just about any color has been working. Inshore some Kings, Spanish Mackerel & Flase Albacore have been around


The Albie fishing today was very good. Loads of fish just not the monsters were used to but it’s early. Had Rainbow Runners & Bar Jacks as well.


Hit the beach for 1st time in almost a year. Got my 1st Snook of the season


1st day in Puerto Rico & early morning watching Tarpon blowing up on Sardine’s.


Lucas from ME had an incredible evening last night. He got his PB Snook. Many of Common Snook & a bunch of Fat SnookJacks & a Snapper for good measure They we’re feeding on Shrimp & micro bait


I had Rick out this morning. He’s usually behind the lens but he wanted to get some Rainbow Runners. He got a bunch & a few False Albacore


Last night despite the heavy wind the Snook had their feed bag on. Common & Tarpon Snook all on a size 4 white School. Had 2 Tarpon eats.