The seas were up a little today but Dr put it together. Nice Dolphin big Albies Blue Runners & a Flying Fish. Size 2 Clousers is all we used.


Today was an epic day. Big Albies a bunch of peanut Dolphin & biggest Rainbow Runners I’ve seen.


Another bumpy day out there today. Had a few shots @ Dolphin as soon as we got out but couldn’t get them to eat. It was all Albies this morning & decent size fish. All fish taken on size 2 olive/white Clousers.


We hit the FW lakes looking to check off Peacock Bass off the bucket list. Fishing was very good water was hi & clean but very weedy. Size 2 & 4 Yellow Clousers were what we used.


A little bumpy out there today. We had a very good good day on Albies Rainbow & Blue Runners a Bar Jack & a beautiful Mahi. Olive/White ultra hair baitfish pattern on a size 2/0 hook took most of the fish today


After losing a Dolphin Jeff redeemed himself with a 20# Cobia. Lots of all size Albies & a few Rsinbow Runners. Everything was taken on size 2 Clousers.


Offshore was pretty good today. Plenty of Albies & a few Kong’s & Rainbow Runners. All we fished today was size 2 Clousers in white/olive & white/tan.


Seas are up so offshore is out. Bay boat is down so what do we do? Head to FW pond in search of Tarpon.

When you get the Silver King comes & eats your fly remember to set the hook a few times to bury that hook in its tough mouth.

Otherwise this is what happens


Offshore is on fire. Loads of small to medium size Albies & a good number of Rainbow Runners.
We had some small Dolphin come by but the Albies were to fast. All fish today were taken on size 2 & 4 Clousers in all white or white/olive.


We hit the FW lakes for Peacocks. The water was high & dirty from all the rain this week. So no sight fishing but the bite was epic. We used white Schminnows & chartreuse Clousers in size 2.