Last night there was so many boats out. Mullet does this. Snook we’re feeding on Shrimp & Mullet . Had a 1st timer to salt water fly fishing come out & he went 2-4 on Snook size 2 all white Schminnow.


Good Mullet nite this morning. All white Gurglers took most of the fish.


Mullet run has started. Tarpon Snook Jacks & Lady Fish. Dropped a nice Snook while trying get photo. Jumped off boat right back into water.


Hit the beach this morning Rain & surf was up. Had 1 blitz that lasted about 10 seconds. Got 1 Jack out of it. Fishing a size 1/0 white/chartreuse Clouser took the Jack & 1-2 on Snook.


Swinging for Snook was very good this morning. We the hit a sea wall & lost a huge Snook in the docks on a all white deep hair Mullet. Then proceeded up river for Tarpon & got a good one.


Not much water on beach this morning but good amount of Pilchards. We went 1-2 on Snook


1st timers to fly fishing salt water. Albies are thinking out really had to work to find them. Some Rainbow Runners & a very nice Dolphin.
We had 3 Sail Fish come to boat follow fly just wouldn’t commit.


Surf was up a little this morning. Good amount of Pilchards heading South. 1-2 on Snook using a 3” heavily dressed white & olive Clouser.


The Albies are still here & in good numbers. No monsters like June & July. Also lots of Rainbow Runners. Hopefully within 2 weeks will see a run of Skip Jack & Black Fin Tuna.


Swinging tonight was good but not like the past 2 evenings. We hit a light on the way in & got a really nice slot Snook.