Last night was a repeat of Thursday night. Mike from Nautilus came up to try swinging for Snook. He had no idea that you could fish Snook this way. He left & said I’ll be back.


Had James out last night for his 1st try @ Snook on the fly. All we did was swing. His 4th cast & it was game on. Unfortunately as we went to net fish the hook opened. He processed to put a hurting on the Snook. Even putting a small Fat Snook in the net.


Hit the lake for Peacocks this morning. Water was very dirty. Saw very few fish no sight fishing at all.
only got a few.


Pretty slow night. Didn’t see many fish.


Got into a few Peacock Bass before storms rolled in.


Fishing inshore has been a little off. Getting shots at Tarpon every time we’ve been out just can’t get them to eat. The beach this morning was dirty/weedy very little bait. We went 1-2 on a white/chartreuse wig hair Clouser size 1/0


River was ok this morning. Got into a bunch of Jacks on white gurglers. Nothing big. Then went looking for Tarpon couldn’t get a bite but got a small Snook.


1st time swinging & it was epic. Over 20 fish landed & all on the swing. Size 1 all white baitfish patterns


The train just keeps a rolling. Nice size Albies this morning. All on top water. Missed a Black Fin Tuna & had a shot at a big Cobia.

Size 1 all white Gurglers & white/blue crease flys


The Albie train is still running strong. Mixed in were some really nice Rainbow Runners & Bar Jacks. Sharks were thick but we only lost 2.