We had a great morning swinging for Snook on size 2 white baitfish patterns About 3-4” in length.


Headed offshore this morning to see if the storm pushed the Albies out. They are still here in pretty good numbers & different sizes. Mixed in were a lot of Bar Jacks Blue & small Rainbow Runners.
size 2 white/lavender Clousers were the color of choice.

River the next few days looking for big Snook & baby Tarpon.


Tarpon fishing in the river has been tough. Been getting eats just not getting buttoned up. Trout sets are not helping matters.

Been on beach last night & this morning. Water is dirty & some weeds. Saw very little bait. Did manage 1 small Snook on a wig hair Clouser in white/chartreuse.


This morning was awesome. 1st Snook on swing & 2-3 on Tarpon.


We had a slow start ( 1 fish on 1st drift ) & then it was game on. Albies medium to large fish & Blue & Rainbow Runners thrown in the mix.


Hit the lights for a quick fish in the boat. We headed up river in search of top water Tarpon. Size 1 all white or tan gurglers. We leaded 1 micro @ had 3 other eats ( Trout Set ) Unfortunately no pictures but a lot of fun was had.


Very tough morning. Windy had quite a few shots at rolling Tarpon had 1 eat a size 1 all White Gurgler. Only fish brought to boat was a small Fat Snook.


Dock lights fished well this morning.


Dock lights fished really good. Size 2 white Schminnow is all we used.


This morning was a little sporty but we had a great trip. Loads of Albies mixed in were Blue & Rainbow Runners. All fish were taken on size 2 white/olive wig hair Clousers.