Had a great day down south on the canals. Throwing 4weights with bright colored Clousers. Peacock Bass , Large Mouths & a few big Jaguar Guapote


1st time Fly Fishing salt water & hooked up on his 1st cast. Unfortunately he dropped the fish but he got revenge really quickly. Plenty of Snook with a few Jacks & Look Downs thrown in. Only used 2 size 2 White Schminnows.


Another great morning with Snook & Jacks. Used 1 fly size 2 White Schminnow.


When you hook up on the 1st cast it’s usually means it’s going to be a bad day. It was an epic morning. Only 1 Moon fish & a Jack but a lot of Snook (they were chewing great )


Windy & chilly again but not as bad as it has been. Snook & Jacks on Schminnows & poppers


Very windy & chilly again this morning but we had very good fishing. Only used 1-size2 all White Schminnow.

1st Snook


The guys wanted to go this morning despite the heavy wind & temps in the 50’s. It was worth it. Size 2 Schminnows & Loxahatchee River Crusher took plenty of Snook & Jacks.


Last night was a tuff t 1. Saw a lot of fish just couldn’t get many to eat & the 1’s we got to eat either spit fly or wore through the leader. Most lights had micro minnows on them.


What a great morning on Snook & Jacks. All caught on the same size 2 white Schminnow.


Nothing like having kids out. There the next generation of fly fishers. Jacks, Look Downs, Snook, & Lady fish. All on size 2 white Schminnows.