Still pretty windy here but the rain has stopped. Dock lights were on fire this morning. A few quick blitz’s. All fish taken on size 2 White Schminnow

Dun came up we went looking for Tarpon. Found a bunch of rollers got 1 to eat


Been blown& raining all week. This morning rain stopped but still blowing. Headed up the Loxahatchee River & got 1 tiny Snook & 1-2 on Tarpon.


God morning. Found a school of Jacks blitzing Glass Minnows. A few Snook on sea walls’s.
Didn’t see any Tarpon. Very windy


Had a good morning. Snook & Jacks all on white spun deer hair mullet fly. Missed a few big Snook a long sea wall. Then went looking for the Silver Kinds. Had 2 eats on an all zonker black & red 2”


We had a slow night last night. Found a area that was loaded with Mullet & some Snook but couldn’t get a bite. Headed up river & found some willing Snook to eat. Fished the same area that produced Tarpon in morning & there was nothing.


We had a great morning fishing all white & Tan/Brown spun deer hair mullet flys 4-5” in length. Tarpon & Tarpon Snook.


Conditions on the beach were nice this morning. Some small schools of Pilchards with some Snook & small Jacks on them. White/Chartreuse Wig hair Clouser.


Crazy weather this morning windy then rain then wind laid down a bit more rain & very windy. Had a good morning throwing a 5” all white spun deer hair Mullet fly. Saw very few of them today.


Surf was up not what they forecasted. Spanish Mackerel spit up small Glass Minnows.


The surf was up & weedy. But stuck a few Snook on white/chartreuse Clouser.