Thad from VA had an awesome morning on Snook. When light came up we went looking for Tarpon. We found them & got 1 to eat but couldn’t stay buttoned up


Last night I had Christen & his Dad Erik from WA & it was a slow start. Some lights were barren of fish& lights that had fish weren’t moving. Moved down river & found a light that had a bunch of Tarpon & Erik got a decent Snook. We got into all common Snook & some Jacks.


Christen from Washington State came to try & catch his 1st Snook & Tarpon. He got a Tarpon to eat & put it the air only to have it spit the fly. On his next cast he landed his 1st Tarpon. He lost a couple of nice Snook. He landed a bunch of common & fat Snook. All white micro minnows were what we were throwing.


Peter from CT came out tonight for his 1st dock light trip. He got his 1st Jack & Snook. Lost his 1st Tarpon. 1 size 4 Schminnow was used.


Guide Taylor from Montana came out again & we had to deal with a lot of wind. He’s a good caster so he got it done. Took a little bit of time before we found Fat, Common & Tarpon Snook to feed.


Last night up river was not like night before. We got a few Snook & large Look Downs & missed a Tarpon on the take. We headed down river & got a few small Snook & got crushed by nice sized Jacks. Up river we used the micro minnow & below size 4 white Schminnow


Last night Guide Tyler from Montana wanted to try a knock Snook & Tarpon off his bucket list. Plenty of Fat , Common & Tarpon Snook. We had a bunch of shots at Tarpon just couldn’t feed any.


Despite chilly air & water temperatures the fish were chewing. Jacks ,common & Tarpon Snook. All on a size 4 white Schminnow.


The past 2 nights the fishing has been really good. Plenty of Snook ( Fat & Common ) with a few Tarpon thrown in for good measure.


Ned & his Uncle had a good night on Snook in the howling wind. Only fly I’ve been using is the micro bait.