Started of fishing lighted docks throwing all white spun deer Mullet fly Missed @ least 6 SnookA few were Trout sets. Then went looking for rolling Tarpon & now it’s starting to rain. Had 1 roll w/in 20’ this cast Targeted eats & 4 jumps a long w/3 hook sets & still spit the fly. Last cast we put a Lady fish in the boat.


Hit the beach b/f the storms come in. Blues Ladies Jacks dropped a Snook. All on wig hair Clouser in white/chartreuse bout 3”


We started the morning fishing Snook on Mullet & didn’t do well 0-5. Then went looking for Tarpon & hooked 2 leadered 1. Headed offshore & it was a little nasty for the bay boat. Small Albies Bar Jacks Rainbow & Blue Runners.


Mullet all over the docks & bridges made for some tough fishing. But we got into a few Jacks & Snook on a 4” all white spun deer hair mullet pattern

Ended the day putting a nice Tarpon in the air.


Beach had big Schools on Mullet some Pilchards & Glass Minnows. 1- small Lady Fish & on last cast a small Snook on a kinky muffler size 1/0 in white/grey.


Last night was very tough. Every light was inundated with Mullet. Hard to get a bite with so much bait. We got a bunch of Snook on a 4-5” all white fly of buck tail Ostrich tail & body was ccf fur

1st Snook he’s caught


Fishing this morning was off. Don’t know if King tides had anything to do with it. Outgoing tide & fish facing like it was incoming. Mullet & some Shrimp around. Saw only a few rolling Tarpon


Very windy here the past few days. Looking to knock Peacock Bass off his bucket list. His 1st was a micro but pulled it off at the end. Size 2 & 4 chartreuse Clousers.


We had a great top water bite this morning. Using size 1 all white Gurglers. Jacks & Lady Fish. Saw plenty of backing as well.


The beach was a little bumpy this morning. Very few schools of Pilchards & Mullet. Could only manage getting this Snapper.