Beach this morning was loaded with Glass Minnows & Pilchards


Water on the ponds was very weedy & off color. No sight fishing but we had a decent day.


This morning was epic. Blue & Rainbow Runners Albies of different sizes but unfortunately we lost a decent Mahi.


We hit the beach this morning & it was loaded with Glass Minnows. We landed a Snook & almost got spoiled by a massive Jack. Couldn’t stop it & backing broke.


Took the bay boat out to run beach looking for Jacks. Found a couple of schools but they were moving to fast. So we headed offshore w:o any chum to see what we could dredge up.


Offshore was awesome today. Rainbow Blue Runners & plenty of Albies. Got into quite a few jumbos today.

Mike with his personal best


If you find the Glass minnows you’ll find fish. This morning we got Snook Jacks & Blue Runners. We did see a few Tarpon.


We hit the beach this morning surf was up water was off color. Managed 1 small Snook on a size 2 all white marabou minnow


The seas were up a little today but Dr put it together. Nice Dolphin big Albies Blue Runners & a Flying Fish. Size 2 Clousers is all we used.


Today was an epic day. Big Albies a bunch of peanut Dolphin & biggest Rainbow Runners I’ve seen.