Its been a wild couple of weeks From Golden Dorado fishing in Argentina to Steelhead on the Salmon River New York & then back to the old stomping grounds Stripper fishing . Back down South in morning


What a difference a day makes. Down size of new moon i guess. No Mullet around only micro bait. Vinny from NY got his 1st Snook. He got a bunch unfortunately they were small.

Off to Argentine to hopefully check Golden Dorado off my bucket list.


Last night was a repeat of night before . Plenty of Snook & 0-5 on Tarpon. All While & all Black size 2 LRC’s is all we fished .


What a night. Common,Fat, & Tarpon Snook. plus jumped 2Tarpon all on a size 2 White Loxahatchee River Crusher.


River is loaded with Mullet. Its tough fishing we whiffed on 3 big Snook on big white popper’s. Saw a bunch of rolling Tarpon. Ended up with a few Jacks. only were out for 2 hours.


Last night we had a tough night. Fish were not moving to feed. We got into some Snook, Jack & Ladies.


Last night in the rain fishing was pretty good. Light bulb & Mullet fly ive been toying with took a bunch of Snook. Unfortunately for Dave he still hasnt landed his 1st Tarpon. He did put 1 in the air.


Last night was a tough night. We went looking for Tarpon & didnt find any or see any Mullet. Hit a few lights on way in & got a few Snook on a size 1 light bulb


Finally got out on the water last night. Found some schools of Mullet & got into Snook & Tarpon. All black spun deer hair fly 4” long.


Well the good news is the new ” ONLY ON A FLY ” is here 2023 Onslowbay 27’ with twin 300’ . The bad news is the foot is not ready for rough water Will be in the river next week