Great news all around! The boat ramps have opened back up, the lighted docks are fishing well, and albies are showing up already offshore.


Offshore today was very good. Load’s of Albie’s some Rainbow Runner’s & had a shot @ a Sail Fish


Great day on the Albie’s today with Mike & Melissa. 4-6″ bait fish patterns & size 2 Clouser’s work today.


Fished my good friend Kristen owner of Nautilus Reels this morning. He fished a floating line with all white game changers and we had a blast until the wind came up.


Chris & his son Cooper had a great day offshore today. Cooper lost a monster to a Shark, All fish caught on 3-4″ Clousers in white/brown white/blue & white/sea foam green. Rainbow & Blue Runner’s were also plentiful.


We had a great day offshore today Loads of Albie’s & Rainbow Runner’s. 13 year old Zack crushed them on Clousers in size 2 white/sea foam green white/lavender 3-4″ long.


My Grandson is having a blast. Load’s of Rainbow Runner’s a long with Albie’s of mixed size’s. Shark’s were a bit of a PIA.


My Grandson had a great morning offshore. Got a few Albies & his 1st Dolphin. Dolphin was flopping all over the place & he asked me to just let it go.


My Grandson had a great day Fishing on Albies & Rainbow Runners blue/white Clousers size 2’s that he tied yesterday


My grandson had a blast with the Albies today. He does not like Shark’s anymore.