What a brutal morning. Heavy rain , wind & chilly temps. But we got it done. John getting his 1st SW fish on the swing. A monster of a Fat Snook

size 2 white Schminnows

1st fish on the Swing

Great news all around! The boat ramps have opened back up, the lighted docks are fishing well, and albies are showing up already offshore.


We had a tuff night getting to Snook. Found a few light’s that were holding some really nice fish just couldn’t stay buttoned. 3″ marabou tail with ccf body fur in white with olive polar fibre back on a size 1 hook is what we throwing.


My Grandson got his 1st Snook on his 1st cast. He landed 2 & got 3 others into leader using size 2 & 4 all white Schminnows. This morning very low tide we missed a Snook & Tarpon on big yellow popper.


The past 2 morning’s Kirk from D.C. had good dock light fishing. Didn’t land any monster’s but we had shot’s. Sun came up we headed up river for some top water action, Unfortunately he missed the 2 eat’s he had. Then headed further up river looking for baby Tarpon he had multiple shot’s just couldn’t get a bite.


Lights fished very well this morning. Light’s we hit had 20 – 30 Snook on them. Size 2 marabout tail pearl estaz body & olive polor fibre wing.

We ran the beach for a bit & ad quite a few shot’s @ Tarpon but couldn’t get a bite.

03/21/2019 Dock Light Snook

Awesome morning under the lights. Size 2 & 4 White Schminnows.