We had a lot of Albie’s Blue & Rainbow Runner’s offshore today. White/Olive & all White Albie Whore’s in size 1/0 ( 3-4″ ) is what was used today


Chased busting fish feeding on baby Flying Fish this morning. We had an excellent day Shark’s weren’t to bad.


They were chewing Squid & deciever style fly’s today really good


Today there wasn’t a ripple on the water flat calm. Fishing was awesome. All big Albie’s caught a few Blue & Rainbow Runner’s. Size 2 olive/white Clouser’s & 2/0 bait fish pattern’s about 3″ long with a grey or tan back where what we were throwing today.


We had a very good day offshore. A lot of small Albie’s but we found some decent size fish mixed in. We also got into some large Blue Runners & Rainbow Runners.. We came in shore to about 40 feet of water & got into a bunch of nice fish all double digit fish. size 2 Clousers & 3-4″ baitfish patterns in white/olive were flys of choice


This morning offshore was pretty good. We got into a lot of Rainbow Runner’s, Albie’s of all size’s & got a decent King Mackerel . White/Pink baitfish pattern’s were fly of choice. We lost a few really big Albie’s to Shark’s.


We just got back from a few day’s Trout fishing in PA & NY. Water was to high to wade when we got to PA so we headed to fish the West Branch of the Delaware. It was high there also but we floated & had unbelievable hatch’s of Caddis & Hendrickson’s. We misse& broke to many fish all on drie’s.

The Loxahatche was fishing o.k. before we left Lot’s of Snook on the light’s just weren’t eating well. We did find a lot of baby Tarpon rolling with the good out going tide. Purple Bunny strip tail with Black estaz body Black Schlappen palmerd hackle & bead chain eye’s size 2

Fresh water wasn’t great either we saw very few Peacock’s. Caught a few Large Mouth Bass saw a lot of Snake Head’s. We had a lot of shot’s @ them only landing 1 missed a few & broke 1 off. All the fish were caught on all Black spun Deer hair fly’s about 4″ long.

03/21/2019 Dock Light Snook

Awesome morning under the lights. Size 2 & 4 White Schminnows.