Offshore today was very good. Load’s of Albie’s some Rainbow Runner’s & had a shot @ a Sail Fish


Great day on the Albie’s today with Mike & Melissa. 4-6″ bait fish patterns & size 2 Clouser’s work today.


Fished my good friend Kristen owner of Nautilus Reels this morning. He fished a floating line with all white game changers and we had a blast until the wind came up.


Chris & his son Cooper had a great day offshore today. Cooper lost a monster to a Shark, All fish caught on 3-4″ Clousers in white/brown white/blue & white/sea foam green. Rainbow & Blue Runner’s were also plentiful.


We had a great day offshore today Loads of Albie’s & Rainbow Runner’s. 13 year old Zack crushed them on Clousers in size 2 white/sea foam green white/lavender 3-4″ long.


My Grandson is having a blast. Load’s of Rainbow Runner’s a long with Albie’s of mixed size’s. Shark’s were a bit of a PIA.


My Grandson had a great morning offshore. Got a few Albies & his 1st Dolphin. Dolphin was flopping all over the place & he asked me to just let it go.


My Grandson had a great day Fishing on Albies & Rainbow Runners blue/white Clousers size 2’s that he tied yesterday


My grandson had a blast with the Albies today. He does not like Shark’s anymore.


We had a very good day offshore. Loads of Albie’s jumped a Dolphin & 1-3 on Shark’s. Albie’s were taken on white/blue & white /brown Clouser’s. Sharks were taken on big orange havkle fly’s