Despite the high water we had a very good day. All fish taken on pink eggs.


We had a very good bite this morning. They raised the water last night so eggs worked very well in either yellow or pink. Also size 12 black stones took a few fish.


We had a very good day. Weather was nice 40’s n cloudy till 1:00 & then the rain came. We got fish on pink worms yellow egg clusters & black stones


We had a rainy day today & fishing was on the slow side.


Sunny & cool temps but had a decent day on Steelhead. Size 12 Black Stones were the fly of choice.


Snow all morning & slow fishing. Got a few on wolly bugger, black stone size 12 & olive hares ear.


We had a very good day on Steelhead. Pink worms & size 12 Black Stones


We had a very good morning during the start of the blizzard that’s coming. Pink worm took a small fish but size 12 Black Stones we’re very effective


We had a decent bite on lights this morning Snook & Jacks on size 2 Schminnows. Only had a bout an hour of decent tide. Sun came up and we lost a nice Snook boat side on a 5” all white spun deer hair fly.


Will be a lot of tying the next few days