Hit a few fresh water lakes this afternoon. Fishing was ok. Peacocks were very skiddish. Got a few PB & some Large Mouths.


Water on the ponds was very weedy & off color. No sight fishing but we had a decent day.


We hit the FW lakes looking to check off Peacock Bass off the bucket list. Fishing was very good water was hi & clean but very weedy. Size 2 & 4 Yellow Clousers were what we used.

5/30/2019 Peacock bass

Lakes are low but the Peacock Bass fishing was really good. Bright colored Clousers with Gold flash & 12# fluorocarbon tippet.

05/08/2019 Freshwater is on Fire!

Sorry for the lack of reports but we’ve have been busy updating the site. We’ve been fishing freshwater & it’s been really good. Big Peacock Bass taking bright colored Clousers. Mixed in have been Jaguar Guapote, Large mouth Bass & Mayan Cichlids. Yesterday we hit a small lake in Jupiter and got our 1st FW Snook & had numerous shots at Tarpon

03/17/2019 Broward Peacock Bass

We had a good morning on Peacock Bass. Size 2 Yellow/Chartreuse Clousers with Gold flash.