We hit the beach this morning surf was up water was off color. Managed 1 small Snook on a size 2 all white marabou minnow


We ran the beach today looking for Tarpon. We found them & had a very good bite. Also found some mid size Jack’s & big Albie’s. White Bunny strip fly’s with a red hackle collar about 2-3″ is what we were throwing.

5/14/19 Loxahatchee Tarpon

The dock light Snook fishing was a little on the slow side this morning. We saw plenty of them the just were not into eating. When the sun came up we headed up river to see if we could find any Tarpon. It’s always nice when your plan comes together. We had them rolling next to the boat for awhile. Got 1 to eat a black bunny strip tail with black estaz body.