Very cold & snowy morning which turned into bright sun. High about 20. Fishing was pretty good good. We hit fish on Tan Wolly Buggers & San Juan Worms.


My Grandson had a great day Bass fishing back in my old stomping grounds


Cold morning on the river they dropped water flow to 350 & the river was very crowded. My Grandson did manage to get his 1st Steelhead.


We only fished this morning & had a great morning. San Juan Worms & Krystal Meths in orange we’re we got fish on. Weather was below freezing & snow flurries till the sun came out.


We had a very good 1st day on the Salmon River in N. Y. Rain to snow 8# tippet with sucker spawn in yellow San Juan Worms & Black Wiggle Stones worked for us today.


Marty’s had his last day here & it was really good. The dock light bite was awesome size2 Schminnows in all White took plenty of Snook & this Jack.

When sun came up we got a few bites on all white spun deer hair flys. He hooked a monster Jack & saw his fly line & backing fly off his reel only to have his line part from his backing. Bad knot & it wasn’t glued.


We fished the lakes at my mother in laws & did ok Couple of Peacocks, a Large Mouth Bass & a Gar. All on bright colored clousers


We fished Lake Clark Shores this morning & it was pretty slow. A few Peacocks & a small Large Mouth.


We hit a few lakes down South this afternoon. Water was low but we had pretty good fishing. Size 2 & 4 clousers in white/ olive & white/chartreuse with gold flash.


Awesome morning on 5” all White spun deer hair/zonker tail Mullet fly. Fished on a 7 weight with intermediate line.