This morning was very cold 4 degrees. Fishing was pretty good size 10 Wolly Buggers took most of the fish we hooked. When temps are below freezing pictures are taken with fish in the water.

Will be back up on the Salmon River next week for a few days before heading to the Fly Fishing show in NJ.


Snowed all day today. Fishing was ok. Size 12 Hares Ears & Orange Eggs took fish


We had a steady pick of bright & colored up Steelies today. Eggs & wolly buggers took most of the fish. Water flows dropped again last night warm temps for this time of year but that’s supposed to change tonight.


Where up on the Salmon River in NY. Temps in the hi 30’s water flows are hi ( 1200 ) mix of sun & clouds today. Fishing was a little slow but we hooked a few on eggs, caddis & Hares Ears all size 12’s.


Breezy & very cool tonight. Fishing was ok. Most lights were void of fish lights that had fish we got bit. Size 4 white Schminnows.


Had Chris from Michigan out for some Snook fishing. Dock light fishing tonight was very slow. Didn’t see many fish either.


We had a very good night but had to deal with wind rain & falling temperatures. Size 2 white Schminnows ( only used 2 fly’s ). Crevalle, Horse Eye Jacks , Common & Fat Snook.


Last night was awesome only used a size 2 all white Schminnow every light we hit we got Snook on.


The boys from NY put a hurting on nice Snook this evening. 7 weight with size 2 Schminnows


Very windy this morning. Got into a lot of micro Snook , Horse eye Jacks & Crevalle on size 4 white Schminnows. Went way up river & saw some rolling Tarpon & caught a Pompano on size 2 black/purple bunny